Innovation: Silotop PolyTube ventilation filter

The WAMGroup has set itself the goal to provide plant engineers and plant operators with components and mechanical engineering that guarantee a maximum degree of safety at all times, contribute to reduction of dust and CO2 emissions and increase product efficiency. The Smart Concrete Batching Plant project was established for the concrete industry to include the following: a number of innovative solutions that contribute to increasing safety during pneumatic filling of silo plants, significant reduction in compressed-air consumption by the entire plant as well as lower consumption of energy and resources. In this context, the Silotop Poly Tube ventilation filter was one of the new developments. In the concrete industry, the Silotop PolyTube is installed at the top of cement silos. During the filling process, the dust-laden air escapes to the outside from the interior of the silo through the nano-fiber structure of the filter medium in three Poly Tube filter elements. The round geometry of the filter elements and the nano fiber provides the Silotop Poly Tube with a high degree of air permeability and accordingly reduces the resistance that the escaping air must overcome. The nano-fiber filter media retains even the smallest particles from the filter medium, which achieves residual dust content of less than 1 mg/Nm³. The innovative configuration of the filter element with the tubular PolyTube structure results in very compact configuration of the silo ventilation filter and facilitates easier maintenance and exchange of the filter elements.


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