CO2 Impregnated Concrete

(10) US 2022/0356115 A1

(22) 25.04.2022

(43) 10.11.2022

(57) Concrete made using the protocol described herein converts more of the available calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) into calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and distributes it more thor-oughly throughout the concrete mixture by converting it into calcium bicarbonate (Ca(HCO3)2) by adjusting the pH of the hydrating liquid and then deliberately adjusting the pH of the hydrating liquid again when precipitation of the CaCO3 from the hydration liquid is desired to more uniformly coat the materials used in a concrete mix. This process creates more CaCO3 in concrete than current methods on the market and that has been demonstrated to increase the structural and chemical properties of the concrete.

(71) Robert George Richardson, Shingleton, CA (US)