Gardens as sanctuary

Dear Readers, a peaceful retreat, a place for barbecue, outdoor eating and leisurely sunbathing, a playground for children, nature experienced at your own front door. A private garden can without doubt be a tremendous enrichment and most likely plays a more significant role in summer than in any other season.

Precast elements are in increasing demand in garden and landscape construction, since hardly any construction material is as varied and weather-resistant as concrete. We too at BFT International regularly focus on Galabau, the leading international trade fair for urban green and open spaces. From the contributions on this topic in the current issue, I would like to draw your special attention to our scientific article “Quality management and control measures in the context of concrete block production” (pp. 32 ff). The article provides very interesting insights into alternative quality testing procedures which, in contrast to the techniques described in relevant codes and standards, also deliver conclusive results before the products are brought into use.

I don’t know, dear readers, whether you feel the same, but in contrast to the pleasure that one’s own garden brings, the totally dry lawns seen today also set us to thinking. Having the effects of heat and drought before our very eyes makes us sensitive to climate change, and that’s good. In this context I would like to again draw your attention to the fact that we at Bauverlag are working on becoming one of the first media companies in Germany to be 100 % climate-neutral by 2025. A very important step in that direction is introduction of our e-paper. Would you like to test our e-paper free of charge? If so, follow this link:

I wish you much pleasure in reading your BFT International.


Karla Knitter

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