Wide range of pigments for the construction industry

At present, Cathay Industries is expanding their manufacturing facilities in China, thus increasing the global capacities substantially. Since the foundation in 1979, the company has been supplying synthetic iron oxide pigments of the latest technology that are suitable for many different fields of application to manufacturers of colored products. However, the main focus is on the construction industry and the field of surface coating.

According to their own statement, Cathay Industries is the only company having a production plant especially suited to the production of high-purity iron oxides, chrome oxides, mixed metal oxides, cobalt blue and titanium dioxide as well as a large number of organic pigments. For the construction industry, the pigments are offered as powder, granules or in liquid form to be used, for example, for pavers, masonry blocks or roof tiles. The fields of application covered by the product line, moreover, range from the paints and varnish industry to surface coatings, plastics and paper through to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Cathay is producing in compliance with global quality standards which are defined by ISO standards. All products are registered according to the European Chemicals Regulation REACH.

On the way to a large product line

While the group is headquartered in Hong Kong, Cathay is represented in Europe with locations in Belgium, England and Germany. At present, the company has a workforce of about 900 people. What started under the name of Advanced Chemicals Ltd. in 1979, was continued in 1984 with the entry into the production of pigments. In the late 1990s the renaming to Cathay Pigments was followed by the expansion of the company‘s global business and an extension of the sales network. Based on the growing product line, the company name changed to Cathay Industries in 2008.

Further development as basis for the future

Cathay orientates the research and development activities to the requests and requirements of the customers and produces pigments adapted to the application in the specific sector. Warehouses at various locations in Europe ensure short delivery times and competitive costs. Future activities of Cathay are based on investments in new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities using latest technologies and the dynamic further development of the same.

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