Tunnel lining segments made of reinforced concrete

(10) WO 2020/160582 Al

(22) 04.02.2020

(43) 13.08.2020

(57) The invention relates to a reinforced concrete tubbing segment (12), wherein the segment (12) has a load transfer surface (14) for a longitudinal joint (13), wherein at least one steel rod (3) having an end face (5) is installed in the tubbing segment (12), the steel rod (3) being arranged in the tubbing segment (12) such that a tangent (9) to a centre line (7) of the steel rod (3) in the end face (5) includes an angle (a) between 0° and 45° with a normal (18) on the load transfer surface (14), the end face (5) being arranged at a distance (a) from the load transfer surface (14), which is between 0 mm and 50 mm, preferably between 0 mm and 10 mm.

(71) TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT WIEN [AT/AT]; Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien (AT).

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