Tank wall

(10) US 10,738,437 B1

(22) 18.04.2019

(45) 11.08.2020

(57 A tank wall comprises a concrete body, a plurality of reinforcement elements disposed in the concrete body, and a plurality of attachment elements disposed in the concrete body. The concrete body has a top surface, a bottom surface opposite the top surface in a vertical direction, a flat surface extending in the vertical direction between the top surface and the bottom surface, and a tapered surface disposed opposite the flat surface. The flat surface extends perpen­dicular to the bottom surface and a portion of the tapered surface extends at an acute angle with respect to the bottom surface. The reinforcement elements include a plurality of reinforcement strands and a plurality of monostrand anchors between which the reinforcement strands are attached. The attachment elements include a plurality of U-shaped bars extending through the top surface of the concrete body.

(71) Dutchland, Inc., Gap, PA (US)

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