Kraft Curing Systems

Supplier of concrete curing systems offering racks

At the end of last year, the Kraft company located in the German town of Lindern expanded its product portfolio by rack systems for storing concrete products during the hardening process. Efficiency, flexibility and stability are the key features of Kraft rack systems. They enable storing a wide variety of concrete products even under different conditions and curing scenarios – in a cost-effective way and in the proven Kraft quality.

The design principle is based on the unique K-profile column. The elaborate cross-section of the Kraft rack systems saves material and hence costs, while anyhow providing a higher load-bearing capacity compared to similar designs. The K-profile enables both indoor and outdoor projects, in earthquake-prone areas and for any kind of hardening. The special design ensures an uncomplicated installation of the rack systems as well as fast and easy replacement of damaged columns during maintenance.

Insertion of the rack rails is designed in such a way as to eliminate the failure of several shelves, which is also known as „pancaking syndrome“. This enables maximum carrying capacity for particularly heavy concrete products such as large-scale slabs or curb stones. The standard batch hot-dip galvanizing provides for corrosion resistance and long durability. A stainless steel version is available for particularly high demands.


Operating internationally

As it is common for Kraft machinery and equipment, the rack systems of Kraft are provided with several certifications too. They comply with international building codes and regulations as well as safety rules, allowing for a smooth approval process at the destination. It is moreover possible to design Kraft rack systems in such a way as to withstand any regional loads such as earthquakes or high wind or snow loads.

The Kraft company turns into a real full-range supplier in respect of concrete curing by the addition of the Kraft rack systems which are an option due to short delivery times.

For more than 25 years now, Kraft Curing Systems, the company located in the Northern German town of Lindern, has been developing, engineering and installing machines and equipment serving to precisely control, influence and accelerate the concrete hardening process. The optimization of the hardening process significantly improves the properties of the finished concrete. Hardness and durability are improved, and the colors are more uniform and consistent. Furthermore, cement is saved owing to the higher air moisture during the setting process. The Kraft product range comprises single-atmosphere and individual curing chambers as well as air-circulation, heating, evaporation and moistening systems for all kinds of concrete products.


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