Aaltvedt Betong

Stone gourmets from Skagerrak

Aaltvedt Betong AS located in the city of Skien in South Norway has been manufacturing building materials for more than 50 years now and since 1978, the company has been specialized in concrete products for garden and landscape construction.

The success story which was started with the production of masonry bricks in 1958 by Knut Aaltvedt, the founder of the company, has been continued most impressively by Egil Aaltvedt, the son of the company founder, until today. Aaltvedt Betong AS located in the city of Skien in South Norway has meanwhile become a market leader for concrete paving blocks and slabs, retaining wall systems as well as a wide range of other concrete products used in garden and landscape construction in Scandinavia. In 2004, Aaltvedt was the first Norwegian manufacturer of concrete paving blocks certified according...

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