Specializing in sophisticated construction projects

“Because it’s our goal to make your work a success”: Under this heading, Montest has been doing business in the precast industry since 2008. The main activity of this company headquartered in the picturesque town of Aveiro on the western coast of Portugal includes designing and executing precast concrete projects. Most of these are special projects in industrial and structural engineering, residential construction, and public-sector contracts, such as bridge projects. “Our expertise is needed for construction projects with particularly demanding requirements,” says Managing Director Luis Pinto, who has been working in the precast industry for 16 years already.

Upswing of the Portuguese economy

Montest is currently benefiting from the upward trend in the Portuguese construction industry. Having been far behind other countries as a result of the economic crisis just a few years ago, the Portuguese construction sector has since recovered, with a corresponding increase in the demand for precast elements and thus for service providers such as Montest. Yet Montest is not only serving the domestic market: Besides its main markets in Portugal, Spain and France, the company is doing business in Mozambique, Morocco and Saudi-Arabia.

50 dedicated people

Montest’s objective is to provide its customers with a full-service offering in the assembly of precast elements. This portfolio includes preparation, coordination and management of precast construction projects, lifting and handling, application of mastics, surface treatment and painting of precast elements, and dismantling of prefabricated concrete structures.

Highly specialized assembly teams are used for all projects to meet the specific requirements of each project. Many of the 50 people currently on the company’s payroll have been working with Montest for many years while continually expanding their knowledge and expertise.

“It took us a while to attain a sound market presence,” Luis Pinto recalls. “Until a few years ago, precast producers had almost exclusively relied on in-house staff for erection and assembly works, but this has changed over the last couple of years.”

The Montest specialists make it possible for the company to uphold a high quality standard even in sophisticated projects. Montest places great emphasis on complying with all applicable health and safety standards.

Three Pronged Strategy

The corporate strategy of Montest focuses on three areas. For the company, his employees are the most important asset. Therefore, intensive and continuous training, the selection and promotion of young, motivated people and the training of high-level specialists are indispensable.

The second part of the corporate strategy is the good and trusting customer relationship. Montest relies on close cooperation and good communication with its clients. This is the foundation for a long-term business relationship.

Furthermore, Montests justified his success with the thorough selection of the most qualifies project partners.



Zona Industrial da Mota, Rua 7, Lote A22

3830-527 Gafanha da Encarnação/ Portugal

+351 234 313-207

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