Ressource-efficient use of high-performance concrete

Slender, curved L-shaped wall units made from UHPC

In the construction industry, one of the primary objectives of developing products and designing manufacturing processes is to integrate the aspect of sustainability. In doing so, material characteristics need to be transformed so as to manufacture well-established products at a lower cost and with a lower environmental impact. In other words, the material and energy efficiency of such products should be increased whilst also making them easier to recycle.

In most cases, attempts at improving the characteristics of building materials concentrate on reducing material consumption and utilizing...

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(10) WO 2013/078732 A1 (22) 14.12.2011 (43) 06.06.2013 (71) JIANG, Yun) [CN/CN]; Jiangsu 213300 (CN) (57) A prefabricated building block for assembling a well wall, the prefabricated building block is...

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