Schöck Group – innovative components and system solutions

The Schöck Group specializes in the development, production and marketing of innovative components and system solutions for a wide variety of applications in new building and renovation projects. The company‘s primary focus is on the development of ready-to-install components that are part of the structural design and make a substantial contribution to building physics. The company was founded by Eberhard Schöck in 1962. Today Schöck operates on a global scale as an innovative leader in the construction industry, employing 890 people in 14 international sales offices. A turnover of 179,9 million euro was generated in 2017.

The main product is Schöck Isokorb®, which is used as a load-bearing thermal insulation element for projecting components, such as balconies, access balconies or canopies. Schöck Tronsole® is a complete ready-to-install impact sound insulation system for stairwells that guarantees quiet for the residents. Schöck developed an entirely new form of reinforcement technology. Schöck Combar® is tested according to building biology principles. The glass fibre reinforcement is not electrically conductive or magnetizable and cannot be affected by rust. Combar® is used as tension bar in Schöck Isokorb® as well as for the facade fixation Schöck Isolink®.

Schöck provides a service offering that is tailored to its target audience and thereby ensures optimum proximity to its customers; on a national and international level. The service offering includes 24-hour delivery service for goods held in stock, non-verbal installation instructions, provision of design software, technical documentation and seminars. Engineers are available to answer questions on structural and non-structural issues and develop project solutions, calculations and detailed plans.

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