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Sales Manager – the turbo for more sales

„With the help of the Sales Manager, I can transparently determine the necessary quantities across all workstations and implement any modifications quickly and easily. In this regard, the 3D model of the precast parts is a decisive help in the sales process“, says Dirk Spielbrink, Head of Sales, Lütkenhaus GmbH.

Simple and intuitive – without knowledge of CAD

The Sales Manager is the ideal companion to rapidly and precisely create offers during the tendering phase. Operation is so intuitive that even employees without prior CAD knowledge can simply and quickly create 3D models.

Three steps to a successful offer

Existing plans (PDF/DXF/DWG) can be simply imported and pulled to the PlanBar drawing area by means of Drag & Drop.

Then, using a graphical assistant, the Sales department can generate 3D objects in a quick and straightforward way. This appealing and clear visualization of the offered services can take place in the form of a 3D PDF, for example.

Afterwards the Sales Manager is able to precisely collect quantities and masses based on the building model, creating lists and graphical reports and then passes this data on to a calculation program.

The Sales Manager in successful practical applications

Until now, precast factories often had to calculate and deliver their offers using a triangle and pencil, or with rudimentary floor plans or from a developers’ very simple models. In practice, this can often mean that the desired level of accuracy is not achieved when an offer is delivered. The Sales Manager proves that this can work differently.

Tried and tested advantages are: Cross-application, transparent quantity determination; defined bases of offers; working methods that apply to all employees; visualised display of offers; consistent external presentation; quick response to changes and precise cost breakdowns through high-quality planning.

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