Remaining optimistic

Those among you, dear readers, who know me personally will know me as a rather communicative individual, one who is only rarely at a loss for words. These days, unfortunately, everything has changed entirely. Never before has it been so difficult for me to find the right words for a BFT editorial – all too ubiquitous is the global corona pandemic.

If, not so long ago, I was travelling, with a cheerful heart, in the USA, Spain and Italy, it is virtually impossible to grasp how the people in all of these countries are currently suffering. When, in Germany, on 7 April, the mark of 100,000 of those infected by the virus was just exceeded for the first time; on the same day the numbers in the above-named countries had already risen to about 368,000, 136,000 and 132,000, respectively. All in all, more than 1,350,000 cases have been reported in 186 countries – not to mention the high death tolls.

In the face of these shocking numbers, one’s own problems are suddenly infinitesimally small. Admittedly, this year’s Easter, without the parents, children and grandchildren was little to rejoice about due to the imposed contact restrictions. But – in my immediate personal circle at least everybody is healthy and in good spirits.

And in our industry, too, there are positive signals: in the many telephone calls from my home office, I hear again and again that production, in particular among plant engineering companies, and in many precast plants as well, is still going well, thanks to large long- and medium-term orders. Your technical journal, BFT International – as per current status – will continue to be published on schedule month after month – also thanks to the contributions submitted by you.

Let’s take an optimistic look together into the future and stay safe and well.


Silvio Schade

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