Reiner Medgenberg honored for his life’s work

IFC4precast, a working group in buildingSmart International, has honored Reiner Medgenberg, Team Leader at Unitechnik Systems, for his life’s work. Medgenberg, a specialist in electrical engineering and information processing, has played a major role in advancing the development of a standard CAD-CAM interface for the precast concrete industry. This development enables data to be exchanged among CAD systems, production management computers and machine control systems of different manufacturers.

Reiner Medgenberg has also been involved in the IFC4precast working group, which is currently working on an international interface standard based on IFC.

Industry standard as basis for technical technological progress

The objective in 1989 had been to establish an industry standard for data exchange among CAD, CAM and machine control systems. This enabled communication between components of different manufacturers in a precast plant and resulted in dynamic technological development in the precast concrete industry.

To this day, Unitechnik regularly updates the Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface to adapt it to the requirements of industry. The IFC4precast working group was established about three years ago, in step with the increasingly widespread use of BIM (Building Information Modeling). The purpose of the working group is to develop an international standard that not only takes account of the requirements of the individual plants but also enables deep integration into BIM models.

Reiner Medgenberg, as Team Leader of IT and precast technology, has been responsible for the development of the UniCAM production management system and IT consulting at Unitechnik Systems GmbH. After more than 35 years of service for the company, he now enters retirement. At bauma 2019, in recognition of his life’s work and his commitment to interfaces in the precast industry, the electrical engineer was made honorary member of the board of IFC4precast.


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