Reduced-thickness reinforced concrete pavement

(11) EP 3 712 327 A1

(22) 06.06.2018

(43) 23.09.2020 Bulletin 2020/39

(57) Reduced-Thickness Reinforced Concrete Pavement. The invention provides a pavement (11) formed by an assembly of concrete slabs (13) of thick­ness H, each slabs (13) comprising a plurality of super­ficial grooves (15, 17) of height H3, delimiting sub-slabs (21) and, as reinforcement, an assembly of tie bars (25, 27; 26, 28) for tying adjacent sub-slabs (21) on either sides of said superficial grooves (15, 17), the bars being disposed below the sub-slabs at a distance H2.

(71) Vázquez Ruis del Árbol, José Ramón 28003 Madrid (ES)

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