Recycling of autoclaved aerated ­concrete residues

In mid-May 2015, Xella Deutschland and Interseroh together have implemented a big bag concept for the disposal of Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete and Multipor mineral insulation boards. Since then, a total of 420 tons of mineral insulating materials could be returned to the material cycle. So far, residues resulting from the production of autoclaved aerated concrete and mineral insulation boards had to be disposed of in containers as construction waste.

Against wastage of these raw materials, Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH, a subsidiary of the Alaba Group, and Xella Deutschland GmbH developed a concept to close the loop. Customers can order big bags in addition to the building materials since 2015, for the collection of sorted residues of autoclaved aerated concrete and mineral insulation boards on the construction site directly. Interseroh picks up the full big bags closed by means of coded ribbons and carries them back to the factory locations. There the off-cuts are ground and returned into the production process.

Germany recycling leader

Autoclaved aerated concrete and mineral insulation boards consist of lime, sand, cement and water. For decades, they have been a popular wall material due to the characteristics in terms of thermal insulation.

About 60 % of all waste in Germany account for mineral waste with approx. 210 million tons per year. When it comes to recycling of construction waste, Germany is internationally top-ranking. An investigation of the German construction industry revealed that the recycling rate was approx. 91 % in 2012 – hence, approx. 55.2 tons of building materials were recycled from 67.2 tons of construction waste and roadway rubble.

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