Rebar positioning apparatus

(10) CA 3101913A1

(22) 08.12.2020

(45) 07.06.2022

(57) A rebar positioning apparatus configured to retain a piece of rebar and allow incremental vertical movement thereof in an upwards direction during the laying of courses of a concrete block wall. Therebar positioning apparatus of the present invention has a body wherein the body includes a center section. The center section of the body includes a first ring member and a second ring member both being annular in shape. The first ring member includes a plurality of retention members formed on the wall wherein the plurality of retention members extend inward towards the central void of the first ring member. A first support portion and a second support portion are integrally formed with the center section extending outward from opposing sides thereof. The first support portion and second support portion each have lateral support members that are v-shaped.

(71) Veldman, Tim, CA; Veldman, James, CA; Veldman, Tyler, CA

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