Precast floor slab and method for forming a flooring deck and building formed of precast floor slabs

(11) EP 3 517 698 Al

(22) 29.01.2019

(43) 31.07.2019 Bulletin 2019/31

(57) The invention relates to a floor slab, which is intended to form a flooring deck. The floor slab (26) in­cludes cast concrete and building service systems. The cast concrete includes a ribbed slab (10) and a cast cover (11) closing the ribbed slab (10) in order to form a load-bearing hollow-core structure. In addition, building service systems are arranged in the hollow cores (13) of the hollow-core structure. The invention also relates to a method for forming a flooring deck and a building formed of floor slabs (26).

(71) ...

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