Klebl Baulogistik GmbH

Precast concrete parts for the logistics buildings of Rewe trade Group

The Rewe Group, a leading European trading company, has been committed to the implementation of a comprehensive sustainability concept for some time as expressed, for example, in the first-ever supermarket in Germany erected as a “green building.” The logistics infrastructure of the Group is now also undergoing modernization under this aspect. Among the latest building blocks are two new logistics centers in the Upper Bavarian Eitting and in Oranienburg near Berlin in Germany. The implementation of the projects with a volume totaling around €64 million was entrusted to the precast concrete specialist Klebl of Neumarkt as general contractor. The company is one if the top 20 building contractors in Germany and ranks first in the manufacture of structural precast components.

More than 5,500 precast parts

For the Etting logistics center, Klebl manufactured some 2,600 precast concrete parts, in addition to processing 11,800 m³ of fresh concrete and 1,100 t of steel, produced in its plants in Neumarkt and Penning, transported to the construction site in nearly delivery 1000 trips. The logistics center offers 33,000 m2 of storage and on 7,000 m2 office space on three above-ground floors and one basement floor.

The design of the Group’s national warehouse in Oranienburg, where its full product line is stored, follows the same principle – if to a larger scale: The building of 350 m length, 150 m width and a height of over 16 m is equipped with 124 dock levelers and contains three floors with a volume of 860,000 m³. The building logistics, provided by Klebl via its plants in Frankenförde, Gröbzig and Rinteln, was accordingly complex. From there, more than 3,200 precast parts with a total weight of 31,400 t were delivered to the construction site just in time in more than 1,400 trips.

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