Pre-cast segment for tunnels and method for producing...

(10)US 2020/0116021 A1

(22) 15.05. 2018

(43) 16.04.2020

(57) Pre-cast segment for a reinforced concrete tunnel includes an arcuate structure having reinforcement and a cement agglomerate to cover structurally repeated annular tunnel. The arcuate structure includes respective opposite radial faces that lie on planes that are angularly spaced apart from one another and passing through a longitudinal axis of the tunnel. The radial faces configured to be moved towards respective radial faces of adjacent segments in order to form an annular tunnel portion, the circumferential faces config­ured to be moved towards respective circumferential faces of adjacent segments in order to form a linear extent of said tunnel along the longitudinal axis and an outer longitudinal face being at a greater distance than an inner longitudinal face from said longitudinal axis, is placed in contact with the ground, at least one investigation device is embedded in the arcuate structure to detect predetermined structural param­eters.


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