Poland relies on precast concrete elements - Kaczmarek launches a new product series

Nowadays ZPB Kaczmarek is a renowned manufacturer of paving stones and accessories for road construction and civil engineering. The company is well known throughout Poland and has a reputation for reliability and high product quality. There are now two sites: in Rawicz and Prusice near Wroclaw.

With ambition and progress to new ideas

Owner Krzysztof Kaczmarek and his daughter Dominika Kaczmarek, Managing Director of the company are still intent on further development and high product quality. Accordingly, they recently expanded the product portfolio to include concrete elements for residential construction. A further production hall has been built in Prusice near Wroclaw initially used for stationary tables and moulds for the manufacture of balconies and staircases supplied by Tecnocom, one of the subsidiary companies in the Progress Group.

This was followed by an order with Ebawe Anlagentechnik and Progress Maschinen & Automation, further subsidiary companies in the Progress Group. A highly automated carousel plant with integral made to measure mesh for the manufacture of lattice girder floors and double walls has been installed.

A new product series – Idea House

In the course of constructing the new production plant Kaczmarek has introduced a new product series. Idea House is a symbol for unique, modern solutions in residential and industrial construction and brings together all the precast concrete elements required for this. Idea House includes fully customised elements, which are distinguished by unequalled accuracy and because of the clever design no longer have to be adapted on the construction site. Thus, assembly work can be reduced to a minimum.

Automation in a nutshell

In terms of automation, Kaczmarek installed a robot system consisting of storage, shuttering and de-shuttering robots. Magnets are used to fully automate attachment of power sockets to the shuttering surface. The Mesh Spacer robot sets spacers for the reinforcement meshes produced on the BlueMesh mesh welding plant. A magnet cross-beam automatically places the mesh. The lattice girders are manufactured just in time by a VGA Versa lattice girder-welding machine and inserted fully automatically by a robot.

As well as the pallets with a smoothly ground surface the major components of the carousel plant include a stacker for the automatic pallet storage and removal, turning equipment for the manufacture of double walls and an automatic concrete spreader for accurate spreading of the fresh concrete. Combined compaction, tilting equipment with mobile ladder and the Ebos control system with numerous modules round off the forward-looking carousel plant. The new mixer system with connected bucket conveyor was supplied by Wiggert.

Green Code for sustainable construction

With the new precast plant, Kaczmarek has also introduced the Green Code construction system. Green Code is an innovative and sustainable building system consisting of insulated façade elements, component-activated and acoustically optimised floors. It has been specifically designed with architects, builders and property developers in mind. The Green Code system offers comprehensive service and training options, consistent further development of the products, built-in parts and permits, together with lasting quality support for precast concrete elements. Green Code buildings are characterised not only by a shortened construction time but also by thermal, climatic and acoustic optimisation. In addition, building technology can be integrated into the globally tested, reliable precast concrete elements. Since it was commissioned, the Polish manufacturer‘s new plant near Wroclaw has been producing high-quality double walls with and without insulation and lattice girder floors to the highest degree of precision.

The new product range is Kaczmarek‘s answer to the growing demand for housing construction with prefabricated precast panels. Through the combination of automated production and perfect end products, the company can offer living space quickly, sustainably, cost-effectively and in the highest quality. Wojciech Selucha, Production Manager at the site is full of praise not only for the high degree of precision of the machines, but also and principally for the problem-free course of the project and the pleasant cooperation from enquiry through installation right up to start of production.


ZPB Kaczmarek S.p. z o.o. Sp.k.

Zakład w Prusicach

Wszemirów 100

55-110 Prusice/Poland

+48 71 720 11 40


Ebawe Anlagentechnik GmbH

Dübener Landstraße 58

04838 Eilenburg/Germany

+49 3423 665-0


Progress Maschinen & Automation AG

Julius-Durst-Straße 100

39042 Brixen/Italy

+39 0472 979-100


Green Code GmbH

The Squaire 15 Am Flughafen

60549 Frankfurt am Main/Germany

+49 6977 044 044


Progress Software Development GmbH

Julius-Durst-Straße 100

39042 Brixen/Italy

+39 0472 979-900

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