PLT B Ladder welding lines at bauma 2019 trade fair

At the forthcoming bauma exhibition, which will take place in Munich, Germany, from April 8 to14, Eurobend will present, on stand 325 in Hall C3, a PLT B Ladder machine, the latest generation of compact welding lines for the production of ladder-type “S” spacers.

The PLT B Ladder series of welding lines ensures reliable operation and the cost-effective production of ladder-type “S” spacers from coils.

Together with the compact layout, the sophisticated design of each machine component enables minute adjustments to the different product sizes as well as long maintenance intervals.


Variable cross-wire spacing

Depending on the model, the machine can produce spacers with either two or three line wires. Programmable line-wire feeding allows variable cross-wire spacing within the same spacer.

The “T”-type welding heads produce welded “T” spacers which, unlike the conventional “S” spacers with overlap welding, can be easily stacked into compact bundles without having to be turned.


Significant material savings

In the production of 100-mm “S” spacers, savings in vertical spacer wire amount to between 22% and 33% thanks to the “T”-welding process.

The unique and patented bending system ensures excellent repeatability and perfect product geometry, working in line with the welding operation in order to eliminate idle times during production. The bending system uses synchronized, pneumatically operated bending units.

Incorporated into the bending system, a flexible automatic stacking unit produces bundles of the programmed quantity of strip spacers during production.

In order to provide a fully automatic solution for the production of strip spacers, PLT B Ladder welding machines are equipped with an automatic bundling and strapping station fully synchronized with the operation of the welding machine, thus avoiding any disruptions in the production flow during the bundling process. The completed strapped bundles are automatically transferred to a bundle buffer table.


Flexible and unsupervised operation

The machine offers highest flexibility in production which results in a significant reduction in the floor space required for storing the various product sizes.

The machine’s sophisticated control systems enable unsupervised operation. The operator is only required to feed the machine with new coils and to remove the completed strapped bundles from the buffer table.

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