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Oyster Castle blocks provide new habitat

The oyster populations in the United States and other parts of the world have declined an estimated 85% over the past 100 years. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates the Chesapeake Bay area population is less than 5% of what it used to be. With this decline, natural reef cultch, e. g. shell, have disappeared along with many of the estuarine banks they protected for years.

In 2007, Virginia based Allied Concrete Company partnered with The Nature Conservancy/Virginia Coastal Reserve & The Nature Conservancy/South Carolina chapter to focus on finding a solution to...

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Issue 2016-06 Besser

Enhanced Servo Vibration at the Bauma 2016

At the Bauma 2016, Besser presented the enhanced servo vibration for Besser concrete block machines. According to Besser, the enhanced servo vibration called Advanced Servo Vibration (ASV), further...

Issue 2013-03 Besser Company

“Blockmakers Workshops”

The World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT) is thrilled to announce a lineup of “Blockmakers Workshops” being held this year. Besser Company’s state-of-the-art facility in Alpena, Michigan...

Issue 2013-09 Superior Block Corporation/Besser Company

Superior Block builds the World TradeCenter

Securing the contract to produce the 1.7 million concrete masonry units for the new World Trade Center (WTC) was a true honor for Superior Block Corporation of Brooklyn, New York. Company founder and...

Issue 2017-05 Besser Company

Three Servopac models offered

Besser Company now offers three models of Servopacs. According to the manufacturer, all are perfect choices whether one is replacing a machine in a current facility or installing a completely new...