On course for growth with innovative
special products

Because the course of growth continues unchecked, especially for curbstone products and orientation systems for the blind, Profilbeton GmbH invested in a new BFS concrete block production plant.

Business development in 1998 of Profilbeton, established jointly by Wolfgang Hasch and August Oppermann by the gravel extraction and sales company Kiesgewinnungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH, was so positive that it became necessary to acquire the site of a shut down concrete roofing tile plant of 65,000 m² to implement the expansion of the production and storage areas in the Hessian city of Borken in Germany after only three years. In order to be able to satisfy the growing demand from at home and abroad – deliveries to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria,...

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