Notes on the quality testing of reinforcing steel according to DIN 488-6:2010

DIN 488-6 contains specifications for the surveillance of reinforcing steel, which have recently been supplemented by extensive specifications for the statistical evaluation of the factory production control. Results and evaluations of surveillance tests since their introduction in 2010 led to the following summarised notes.

DIN 488-6 was published in 2010 and introduced by the building authorities a short time later with all other parts. From test results and experience in external monitoring according to DIN 488-6:2010, special features and difficulties that arise during the conformity verification are pointed out below.

Verifications in the tensile test


Attestation of conformity of a manufacturer’s or processor’s production is governed by section 5. The evaluation of the test results from the factory production control is to be carried out for the properties determined in the tensile test within a...

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