New waterproofing admixture Murasan Hydrotech 883
for concrete goods

With Murasan Hydrotech 883, MC-Bauchemie has launched a waterproofing solution for the production of both semi-dry and wet-cast concrete goods. With this new hydrophobic admixture, concrete goods manufacturers can improve the resistance of their products to water penetration, significantly reduce moisture-related damage, and minimize efflorescence.

During concrete hardening, any water that is not used for cement hydration evaporates.  This process leaves the cement matrix filled with a network of interconnected pores and capillaries, through which water can be absorbed by capillary forces – not unlike a sponge. When water freezes, for example, its volume increases by about 9%. The resulting internal pressure can lead to mechanical damage such as spalling and development of fine cracks, which further accelerates concrete degradation. Besides, diffusing water can carry a variety of aggressive chemicals and significantly contributes to secondary efflorescence.

High-performance waterproofing admixture

With Murasan Hydrotech 883, the new high-performance waterproofing admixture from MC-Bauchemie, concrete goods manufacturers can avoid such risks. As a silane-based product, it is tailored to the requirements of the concrete goods industry, specifically to the machine production of high-quality concrete goods such as paving stones, kerbstones, pathway slabs, and others.

Murasan Hydrotech 883 reduces the risk of water damage and ensures greater resistance to frost and de-icing salts. The hydrophobic agent provides for a better visual appearance both by minimizing efflorescence and by improving the color uniformity, brightness, and surface texture of the concrete goods.


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46238 Bottrop/Germany

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