New service center near Moscow

The Russian market is one of the strategic priorities of the Faymonville Group, a leading manufacturer of semi-trailers for the special transport sector. Currently, a new hall for the service, spare parts trade and sales units is under construction on an area of 2,500 m².

The often rough climate in Russia and the accordingly demanding service conditions in which vehicles operate make major overhauls sooner or later inevitable. In Noginsk, customers are offered quick and comprehensive repair service. The complete package ranges from mechanics to brake service through to electronic-pneumatic-hydraulic areas. Beyond that, Faymonville carries out blasting, painting and welding works

Cross-brand service and
driver training

One of the objectives of the new service center is to provide cross-brand spare parts, accessories and service for all types of semi-trailers beginning in the early part of the coming year. Upon delivery of a new vehicle, moreover, Faymonville offers tailor-made driver training. In addition, the import of new and used semi-trailers to Russia is handled by the new center in Noginsk.


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