New Revolution Rotary System

Since 1963 Wagman Metal Products, Inc., has been a leading supplier of power trowel replacement blades and floating pans in the concrete industry.

Wagman’s experience and innovation have helped pioneer the development of heavy-duty blades to cope with the stresses of the new generation of heavy riding trowels. More recently, the company moved production to a new 63,000-square-foot facility in York, Pennsylvania, to better serve their customers.

As the Wagman product line has grown, so has its distribution: Today, Wagman Metal Products line is available from over 3,000 contractor supply distributors worldwide.

Exclusive available and patented solution

The Wagman Revolution Rotary System turn power trowels into a powerful floor scrubbing machine. Power trowel owners can now use equipment they already own to do scrubbing and stripping projects they would have had to subcontract or rent equipment for in the past. The Revolution Rotary System is a patented solution available only from Wagman Metal Products.

Revolution Rotary System Applications are: Scrub in impregnating sealers, remove residue from stain and dye applications, clean up floors after tilt up construction, strip sealers, power scrub old concrete clean, surface preparation, scrub forms clean and many more.

The bearing driven Rotary System allows the Revolution System to spin with the ­trowel’s spider arm while revolving the opposite way on their own axis. This creates a Multi-Vortex passive planetary pattern that is ideal for stripping, scrubbing, polishing and cleaning while prolonging the life of the system.

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