New Chairman of the Executive Board; joining SolidUnit

On 24 June 2021, Matthias Schurig, Managing Director of Betonwerk Oschatz GmbH, was elected as new Chairman of the Executive Board of the Syspro Group Betonbauteile e. V. He succeeds Norbert Brünemann.

Norbert Brünemann, following nine years of service as Chairman of the Syspro Group Betonbauteile, retired from the Executive Board at the end of the legislation period, at his own request, in order to be able to devote more time to his plant Ragano Betonfertigteile in Nordhorn, Germany. “My sincere thanks to all of our members for the trust shown me, and I hope that I will succeed in continuing the successful work of Norbert Brünemann,” said Matthias Schurig after his election.

Pleased about meeting face to face and personal exchange

Owing to the low Covid-19 incidence values, it was possible to hold the general meeting of the Syspro Group again for the first time as face-to-face event in the Kempinski Hotel, in Frankfurt.

CO2 reduction and resource efficiency in focus: joining SolidUnit

Schurig, together with the new Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kranzler, intends to increasingly focus the Syspro Group on realizing technical innovations in the future.

Key areas are here CO2 reduction and resource efficiency. “The Syspro Group already addressed the topics of eco and recycling concrete early. Here, we will continue to press ahead with the objective of achieving production as climate-neutral as quickly as possible. Joining the SolidUnit network, an innovative motor of solid construction, is intended to ensure closer collaboration with partners from research and development in these topic areas, enable transfer of knowledge and ensure an extension of our network,” according to Matthias Schurig.

In addition to the Chairmanship of the Executive Board there is another change in personnel: Mathias Elbers, Managing Director of Andernacher Bimswerk GmbH & Co. KG, was elected as new member to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is completed by Marlies Elsässer-Heitz (Egon Elsässer Bauindustrie GmbH & Co. KG, Geisingen), Ulrich Lütkenhaus (B. Lütkenhaus GmbH, Dülmen) and Sascha Meiser (Beton Betz GmbH, Kirchardt), who have been members of the Executive Board for many years.

Dr.-Ing. Herbert Kahmer will, in the autumn of 2021, end his work on grounds of age after more than 25 years as Managing Director of the Syspro Quality Group (Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e.V.). The expert knowledge he has acquired while internationally active over the many years of his international consultancy, will be preserved by the entire sector of industry.

Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e. V.
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63420 Hanau/Germany

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