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Issue 03/2020

Method for preparing a mineral foam material-filled concrete block

(11) EP 3 599 034 Al (22) 24.07.2018 (43) 29.01.2020 Bulletin 2020/05 (57) A method for preparing a mineral foam material-filled concrete block (3) comprises the following steps: providing a concrete...

Issue 06/2023

Mineral foam – production methods, quality assurance and potential applications

In the field of wall construction materials, material-related goals have led to the development of insulation materials that are inorganic and suitable for recycling on the one hand while providing...

Issue 06/2022

Load-bearing behavior of sandwich façades insulated with mineral foam

Insulation layers consisting of polystyrene or polyurethane are usually incorporated into concrete façades in order to increase their thermal resistivity to ensure compliance with the specified...

Issue 04/2015 Submitted by/Eingereicht von: Gertec

Innovation: Gertec SBM-8

An air-hardening mineral foam made with mineral binders has outstanding advantages as insulating material. Gertec has developed a new, innovative mixing method for foamed concretes and mineral foams...