Method for producing a reinforced concrete component ...

(10) US 20220176586Al                                       

(22) 11.03.2020

(43) 09.06.2022

(57) A method and an apparatus for producing a concrete com­ponent, comprising concrete and a textile reinforcement composed of a reinforcement fiber strand (28), wherein first a yarn (20) is saturated with a mineral suspension (35) and forms the at least one reinforcement fiber strand (28). According to the invention, the reinforcement fiber strand (28) is fed by means of a moving device, so that the reinforcement fiber strand (28) is placed in a concrete strand (4), placed on a concrete layer (2), or placed on a vertical side surface of a plurality of concrete layers placed on top of each other, so that a perpendicular reinforcement is pro­duced when arranged on the outside, and wherein the reinforcement fiber strand (28) is further enclosed by the concrete immediately upon placement or subsequently before ...

(71) Technische Universität Dresden,
Dresden (DE)

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