Method for manufacturing layered concrete parts

(11) EP 3 760 404 A1

(22) 03.07.2019

(43) 06.01.2021 Bulletin 2021/01

(57) Method for  layered concrete
parts (1), comprising a)providing a first kind of concrete and a second kind of concrete differing from the first kind of concrete in at least one property, b)casting a first layer (2,6) of the layered concrete part (1) with the first kind of concrete, c)applying a web (3,5) on the surface of the fresh cast concrete layer (2,6), a)  casting a second layer (4) from the second kind of concrete, and b)  repeating the step c) and b) or d), respectively, until a predetermined, desired number of layers have been cast and form the layered concrete part (1), as well as layered concrete parts (1) obtained and use of a web for preven­tion of ...

(71) HeidelbergCement AG 69120 Heidelberg (DE)

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