Method for building prestressed concrete structures by means of profiles consting of a ­shape-­memory alloy, and structure produced using said method

(10) US 2016/0053492

(22) Mar. 17, 2014

(43) Feb. 25, 2016

(71) RE-FERAG, Wollerau (CH); EMPA. Dübendorf (CH)

(73) RE-FERAG, Wollerau (CH); EMPA, Dübendorf (CH)

(57)The invention relates to a method according to which a profile consisting of a shape-memory alloy is placed into concrete, or a concrete to be reinforced is roughened on the outside, then profiles (2) consisting of a shape-memory alloy are fastened to the roughened outside (9) of the structure (6) and a cementitious matrix is applied to the roughened outside (9) to cover the profiles (2). After the cementitious matrix has set, said...

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