MasterSuna RCA for concrete production from recycled aggregates

Experts at Master Builders Solutions have developed MasterSuna RCA, a pioneering solution which enables the production of standard quality concrete with up to 100 % recycled aggregates. The solution will help to overcome the workability problems of concrete caused by the substitution of natural aggregates with recycled aggregates (RAs).

MasterSuna RCA allows for the maximum usage of challenging secondary raw materials without compromising on workability retention, it meets established quality standards, reduces material costs and CO2 emissions and thus makes an important contribution towards circular economy.

MasterSuna RCA sets new milestones in sustainable construction

The general trend towards sustainable construction combined with the gradually decreasing availability of natural aggregates results in an increased demand for recycled aggregates. Recycled aggregates are mainly derived from the crushing and processing of demolition waste from urban areas. “Recycled aggregates can be obtained from waste materials such as brick mixes, crushed concrete, or ceramics without the additional use of sand or gravel for concrete production,” adds Jirí Fiala, Head of Technological Department at ERC-Tech, a European company that provides the Effective Recycling Concrete Technology. The local processing and reuse of recycled aggregates not only preserves scarce natural resources and protects the environment, but also lowers transport-related CO2 emissions.

Construction companies in Europe are highly satisfied with the innovative solution. Well-known construction company Skanska, for instance, is always looking for sustainable solutions such as replacing natural aggregates with recycled aggregates. “Recycled aggregates are inherently more porous and absorbent which affects the consistency of the concrete made from it and its workability,” explains Bohuslav Slánský, Head of Technical Development and Innovations, Skanska Central Europe. Therefore, Skanska relies on the innovative admixture MasterSuna RCA. “The unique feature of MasterSuna RCA is that it allows for improving the consistency of concrete and guarantee a workability retention of up to 120 minutes, which was not possible so far,” explains Vladislav Trefil, Market Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia at Master Builders Solutions. In addition, the novel superplasticizer MasterSuna RCA ensures outstanding homogeneity, optimal flowability and excellent pumpability of the concrete. As a result, recycled concrete can be used as a valuable and sustainable building material without compromising quality. What is more, Skanska achieved a 15 % reduction in material costs and a 10 % reduction in CO2 emissions by introducing MasterSuna RCA.

Quantified Sustainable Benefits campaign

The success story of Skanska and ERC-Tech is part of the Master Builders Solutions “Quantified Sustainable Benefits” campaign, launched across Europe in 2017. The campaign focuses on projects where customers were able to increase their productivity while, at the same time, reducing costs and emissions thanks to the advanced chemistry provided by Master Builders Solutions. The campaign won the prestigious German Design Award 2020 and the German Brand Award 2019. In 2018, it was honored with the German Prize for Online Communication for the best microsite and with three silver awards at the Best of Content Marketing Award.

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