Long-time Managing Director Rolf Ovesiek is retiring

Rolf Ovesiek, long-time Managing Director at Masa GmbH, will go into retirement on December 31, 2018. His professional biography is closely linked to Masa. After leaving school, Ovesiek began his technical training at Henke Maschinenfabrik GmbH (later Masa) in Porta Westfalica. He then studied mechanical engineering at the Lemgo University of Applied Sciences. In 1986, he graduated with a degree in engineering.

After completing his studies, Ovesiek returned to Henke Maschinenfabrik and was later entrusted with various senior positions. As Technical Director, he played a key role in the devel-opment of numerous innovative specialized plant concepts.

Shaping the course

In 2000, he took over the management position at the top executive level of Masa-Henke Maschinenfabrik and was in charge of the company’s locations in Porta Westfalica and Dorsten, and of the Masa subsidiary in Moscow. From 2008, Ovesiek was also a member of the Board of Masa AG and therefore in charge of marketing, product development and production in the aerated concrete, sand-lime block and concrete slab divisions. After the change in legal form from Masa AG to Masa GmbH, Ovesiek was appointed Man-aging Director in 2010, and has since played a key role in shaping Masa’s course.

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