Long-standing employees appointed as authorized

Masa GmbH has appointed Mr. Paul and Mr. Helsper as authorized signatories of the company. This order has been formally entered into the commercial register.

Mr. Ulrich Paul (Head of Legal, Risk Management, Product Safety, and Compliance) and Mr. Marcel Helsper (Technical Director) have been working for Masa GmbH for many years and have made significant contributions to the successful development of Masa GmbH thanks to their great expertise and cooperative behavior.

The appointment of Mr. Paul and Mr. Helsper as authorized signatories serves the appropriate performance of their tasks in the technical and commercial environment and is at the same time an expression of the high level of trust in their work for the company.

The power of attorney was granted with effect from January 15, 2021. The management of Masa GmbH and all employees congratulate Mr. Paul and Mr. Helsper on this appointment and wish them every success in their continued performance.

Neuer Leiter Vertrieb Innendienst

Furthermore, company Masa is pleased to introduce its new Head of Internal Sales, Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Werner Höper. Mr. Höper has been working in the Internal Sales Department since January 18, 2021, although he is not entirely inexperienced here.

From July 2006 to December 2013, Hans-Werner Höper was working for Masa as an Area Sales Manager and later as the Head of Project Management.

The management of Masa is very happy to have an experienced and competent employee rejoin the company und wishes Mr. Höper a good and successful start and a lot of joy in working in the team.

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56626 Andernach/Germany
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