“Let blue be the color!”

SSP, an interdisciplinary architectural practice, built its own headquarters near the campus of Bochum Ruhr University. This building features geometrical details arranged in a strictly regular pattern that leave an exceedingly stringent impression.
At the same time, its construction was extremely cost-efficient.

The Bochum-based architectural practice SchürmannSpannel AG (SSP) considers energy-efficient building to be not only about the widespread, inconsiderate use of state-of-the-art technologies and insulation methods. This office has adopted an integrated design strategy concerned with utilizing these options in a thoughtful process. Prior to installation, care must always be taken to examine if project details are cost-effective in the long run and if the intended effect makes a long-term difference in terms of costs, energy savings and CO2 emissions.

For, in many cases – as SSP shareholder Thomas...

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