Job market consultation, qualification consultation and Continuing.Education! – the qualification campaign

Job market consultation

Structural change, digitization, shortage of skilled personnel – these are major challenges faced by companies already today. Job market consultation offered by the Employment Agency is aimed at supporting you in meeting your needs for skilled personnel and focuses on such topic areas as

The situation and development on the job market and occupations

Recruiting personnel and trainees

Design of workplaces, employment conditions and working hours

In-company training and continuing education.


Strengthening in-company education with qualification consultation

The service offer for qualification consultation supports in particular small- and midsized companies (SME) in the key issues of in-company personnel work and/or personnel development, such as in-company education, anticipatory personnel planning and sustainable personnel development strategies.

Within the scope of this consultation offer, companies’ awareness will be heightened for individual analysis of the decisive fields of action for meeting their need for skilled personnel, and implementation will be supported in the following:

Identifying sustainable company success

Implementing individual solution approaches for the identified fields of action and

Implementing these in the company.


Continuing.Education! – the qualification campaign

Develop the potential of your employees towards the requirements of tomorrow and win the competition for skilled personnel by also educating lesser-qualified employees and preparing them to meet new technologies. CONTINUING. EDUCATION! means for your company:

Qualification consultation, adjusted individually to your company

Subsidies such as taking over the cost of courses and wage support

Broader access to subsidies for continuing education.

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