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Issue 07/2021

Concrete paving block, interlocking block pavement and method for manufacture of a paving block

(10) DE 10 2019 126 700 A1 (22) 02.10.2019 (43) 08.04.2021 (57) Die Erfin- dung betrifft einen Pflas­terstein (1) aus Beton (12; 13) zum Verlegen im Verbund in einem vorgegebenen Rastermaß bestehend...

Issue 02/2022

Rectangular concrete paving block, interlocking block pavement and package of concrete paving blocks for mechanical laying

(10) DE 20 2020 103 688 U1 (22) 26.06.2020 (45) 04.11.2021 (57) Quaderförmiger Betonpflasterstein (1, 12, 13, 101) mit einer Oberseite (2, 102), einer Unterseite und Seitenflächen (3, 4, 103, 104),...

Issue 05/2009 Some observations regarding in-service performance

Photocatalytic paving block surfaces

In this study, interlocking paving blocks were used for the reconstruction of a street over a length of 500 meters. Results appear to confirm a reduction in photocatalytic activity due to the presence...

Issue 04/2018 PROBST

Handling of interlocking concrete block cubes: feeding, destacking, stacking, turning

Although the production of interlocking paving blocks is largely automated, there are still process steps in which the not yet strapped and therefore unstable block layers must be shifted. For these...

Issue 04/2012

Interlocking revetment block with array of vegetation holes

(10) US 8,123,435 B1 (22) Feb.3,2009 (45) Feb.28,2012 (73) Erosion Prevention Products, LLC, Houston, TX (US) (57) A concrete revetment block having interlocking arms and sockets and an array of...