Innovative and made of concrete

In the course of a year, our editorial staff is gathering about 500 patents from all over the world granted on inventions for the precast concrete industry. We publish a selection of this big collection – that is not intended to be exhaustive – in the twelve issues of our trade magazine, BFT International. The patents protect the inventions made in the various segments of the supplier industry or by the manufacturers of precast concrete products.

500 patents, that is an impressive number! It represents the innovative power of our sector, the enthusiasm and the wealth of ideas of the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and skilled personnel in concrete plants. This innovative power is an important advantage in the competition of concrete and precast concrete products with other building materials and construction systems.

To make an idea ready for the market requires an appropriate framework. This is provided quite differently in the various countries. The “Global Innovation Index” co-published by the Johnson CornwellUniversity, INSEAD and WIPO praises, above all, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden this year. The USA, Japan and Germany perform best as far as the quality of the innovations is concerned. A crucial point: The developed countries, in particular, are currently reducing their expenditure on research and development.

For many years now, the BFT International trade magazine has made a contribution to promoting the innovative power in the precast concrete industry. In cooperation with FBF Betondienst GmbH we offer the prestigious Innovation Prize for Structural Concrete Products of the Supplier Industry (see page 94). From now on, you can submit your application for the prize that will be awarded in February 2015. Further information as well as the application documents are available at FBF Betondienst GmbH (

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