Innovation: Nevosafe TS protective strip for securing ­reinforcement

Nevoga AG, based in Freilassing, Germany, has developed a protective strip for securing projecting reinforcement: for example, during transport and storage of precast elements and of loadbearing thermal insulation elements in their transport racks.

Nevosafe TS, which can be manufactured in theoretically endless lengths, has a minimum length of 1 m and is suitable for use for steel diameters from 80 to 40 mm. Depending on the length of the strip, several – but at least two – belt guides are formed through which the commercially available strapping belts are installed and tightened during transport on truck trailers or semi-trailers. However, these belts are not designed for securing the concrete elements during transport.

The purpose is to reduce on-the-job accidents

Nevosafe TS, according to the manufacturer, is designed to contribute to reducing the recent slight increase in the number of on-the-job accidents in Germany: 104,820 reportable accidents were registered in 2016 – 2,487 more than in the year before. The reason for this is the sharp increase in construction activities within one year; the share of building permits in construction alone rose by 5 % from last year, according to the German Federal Office of Statistics. And, unfortunately, the number of accidents consequently increased with the welcome rise in construction activities.

The major causes of accidents in 2016 were more than 20,000 falling accidents and falls from heights, which accounted for 19.4 % of all accidents at work. The number of fatal accident decreased from 86 in the previous year to 73 in 2016. However, the main cause of 41 % of all fatal accidents at work last year – according to the analysis of the German employers’ liability association – were again such incidents as falls from scaffoldings, roofs, and ladders as well as accidents caused by stumbling and slipping. Behind these numbers are human tragedies of the accident victims, their families, and friends. And, in addition, there are the costs for the community of the insured companies: medical treatment, subsequent rehabilitation measures, and pensions – for which BG Bau paid nearly 1.2 billion EUR alone in 2016.

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