Injection resins for ­long-term crack sealing

StoCrete has developed new injection resins for repairing defective structures and for durably closing cracks to restore the function and serviceability of such structures.

The polyurethane resin StoJet PIH 200 is a new addition to the line of crack-filling products. It reliably closes dry, moist, and even water-bearing cracks with an elastic connection. The injection resin is in accordance with DIN EN 1504-5 and also meets domestic German requirements in DIN V 18028 for repairing concrete.

If cracks are involved that bear water under pressure, they must be pre-injected with the also newly developed StoJet PU VH 200. When contacted by water, the dual-component polyurethane resin within seconds forms a compact and stable foam that immediately stops in-flowing water. The following injection with StoJet PIH 200 then ensures sustainable elastic crack sealing.


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