Important Milestone

For many years now, month for month, we have been doing our best to inform you, dear readers, with thematically relevant contributions, as current as possible, on all aspects of the precast concrete industry. We hope that we have succeeded in presenting you a good mix of general news, contributions written by ourselves (e.g. on factory visits) and scientific technical reports by external authors. This has been combined with news from our association partners and project reports from you, our readers. All of this has included precasters and plant engineering firms, supplemented by time-tested patent publications, to strike the right chord.

Since your feedback to our individual topics is very important to us, we look forward to continue to receive your input, and perhaps your criticism, if you are of the opinion that we report insufficiently or one-sided about particular topics and markets. In the current BFT issue 8/2019, anchorage and reinforcement technology represent the central topic. We are presenting you with reports from the companies Halfen, Progress, Adfil, Eurobend and Schöck, as well as a comprehensive project report with an interview with Solidian.

Another important strategic decision in the recent history of BFT International took place just now – i.e., after the editorial deadline, quasi shortly before print release of this edition. On 12th July, the managing directors of Betondienst GmbH, Dr. Ulrich Lotz, and Bauverlag GmbH, Michael Voss, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. You will find out more in BFT 9/2019.

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