Heavy-duty electric forklifts are the current industry trend

The new ECG electric forklift series from Kalmar is manufactured in Sweden and, with its three models, covers a performance range from 5,000 kg/600 mm load center up to 9,000 kg/600 mm load center. Of special interest is the forklift with front overhang of the 8-ton class with load centers ranging from 600, 900 to as much as 1,100 mm – a unique selling point for Kalmar.

Three wheelbases from 2,100 to 2,800 mm are available, depending on the load class. Two drive motors of 11 kW and one 42-kW hoisting motor make clear that Kalmar believes in high performance. The forklift with wide front overhang with a width from only 1,550 to 2,000 mm were optimized for jobs with accessory equipment, they make available a pressure of at least 140 bar and oil delivery quantity of up to 155 l/min.

A 180° rotatable seat from which all control elements can be moved along with the turning wheel is an important option.

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