Generation change in the management of Syspro

After having been general manager of the Syspro Quality Group (Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e.V.) for more than 25 years, Dr.-Ing. Herbert Kahmer will cease his activities for reasons of age in the course of the year. Therefore, succession planning was the main topic of the quality group on the general meeting held in November 2020. Chairman of the management board Norbert Brünemann, the General Manager of Ragano Betonfertigteile / Recycling & Baustoffhandel GmbH & Co. KG, was able to give the members an account of the successfully concluded search for a successor. Hence, all requirements are fulfilled for a smoothly assumption of management by a dual leadership for several months, in order to continue the successful development of the association in a future-oriented way. With his internationally active consulting company, Kahmer‘s years of expertise will remain available to the entire industry.

Since August 01, 2020, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kranzler (45) has joined the management of the Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e.V. He will soon be entirely responsible for the implementation of the Quality Group‘s interests in the field of development, production, and marketing of construction systems.

The holder of a doctorate in civil engineering, Kranzler, has experience gained in national and European organizations for many years, along with his know-how as structural engineer and site manager. Previously, he represented Bundesverband Leichtbeton e.V. (German Lightweight Concrete Association), Neuwied, as Technical Manager. Prior to this, he was head of the department for standards and application technology of Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie e.V. (Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry) based in Bonn.


Members confirm Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kranzler

Addressing the members at the general meeting, Brünemann emphasized that, thanks to his professional experiences and the numerous contacts, Kranzler has all the best potential required for the continuation of the successful Syspro management.

Kranzler is looking forward to his new function highly motivated and with great commitment. „Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile provides me with an attractive area of responsibility offering truly significant prospects. I am looking forward to the challenge of developing the Syspro Group with my personal traits in the sense of the member‘s interests. Apart from the development and the realization of technological innovations, I will essentially focus on bringing the Syspro quality brand to even more attention of architects and planners when it comes to energy-efficient construction. In addition, it is important to strengthen the technical and political representation of the Syspro members‘ interests,“ Kranzler pointed out in conjunction with assuming his new responsibility.

Along with the change in the management, the office of the Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e.V. will be relocated to the Federal City of Bonn in 2021.

Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e. V.
Postfach 90 11 53
63420 Hanau/Germany

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