GFRP connecting anchors for sandwich elements in industrial construction project

The ThermoPin anchor system is a connecting anchor with DIBt approval for core-insulated double walls and sandwich walls with self-supported and supported facing layer.

The corrosion-resistant ThermoPin connecting anchor of glass-fiber reinforced plastic enables very fast and easy assembly at the precast factory thanks to its attachment cap and sleeve. The sleeve of the ThermoPin simultaneously ensures that the fastening point in the insulation is sealed, resulting in a complete thermal separation between facing layer and load-bearing layer. In contrast to stainless steel connectors, the U-value of a sandwich wall to be manufactured is to be regarded as undisturbed according to FDB guideline No. 3 when using GFRP connecting anchors. Hence, the insulation can achieve its optimum insulation performance when using the ThermoPin anchor system. This results in a measurable added value of the building utilization and contributes to an improved carbon footprint of the building.

With the European Technical Approval ETA-19/0498 granted, the applicability of the ThermoPin anchor system will be improved even more.


ThermoPin extends the possibilities of production

The ThermoPin anchor system could also convince at Bachl due to its product characteristics and its simple application. The anchor system enabled re-designing of the elements to facilitate production. The senior project manager, Franz Galster, stated as follows: „Usually, we are limited to 6 m in the dimensioning of the facing layer in our production, however, using the ThermoPin 8 to 10 m were possible without any problems, eliminating the need for an additional joint.“ As a consequence, the costs for the overall building structure could be reduced.

The precast plant was interested in a solution, offering time savings through easier work, and they found such kind of product with the ThermoPin anchor system of BT Innovation.

In future, the ThermoPin anchor system will be a potential alternative in the production of the precast plant of Bachl Betonwerk located in Röhrnbach. The anchor system will help the group of companies to expand their product and service portfolio enabling them to continue to provide the customers with high-quality products.


Simple application in production

After casting the first layer and applying the insulation, the ThermoPin is pressed down through the insulating layer at least 40 mm deep into the still wet concrete of the first layer. However, the ThermoPin does not have to be fixed to the reinforcement because the conical openings at the ends of the ThermoPin are completely sufficient for anchoring. Moreover, a sleeve controls the penetration depth of the bar and guarantees that the ThermoPin is not visible on the surface of the finished wall. The installation principle provides for absolutely clean surfaces, saves time and reduces waste because there are no offcuts, as occurring in case of stainless steel sleeves, for example.


Simplified planning through plug-in in PlanBar

The ThermoPin anchor system has already proven itself in many projects and the possible applications have been continuously increased. In 2019, the ThermoPin was integrated in the PlanBar planning software. Thus, it is now possible for users of PlanBar to draw in the ThermoPin directly, completing shop drawings faster and without delay. Additional software solutions will follow soon.


Successful application in industrial construction

Soon after the decision of the Bachl group of companies to use the ThermoPin anchor system in their project, more than 6,500 ThermoPins were installed in sandwich elements at the precast plant. Afterwards, these elements were supplied to the construction site in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria.

There the project and property developer Verdion, together with the general contractor Kögel + Nunne Bau, are erecting a production and research facility for Xylem Analytics Germany GmbH – a company specialized in the development and manufacture of high-quality measuring devices for water analysis. A property covering 15,000 m² is being built, composed of a total of four building sections: the production plant, the distribution center, the research laboratory as well as offices and common areas. Tobias Heinz, senior project manager at Verdion, appreciates the thermal decoupling of the elements due to the use of GFRP products like the ThermoPin, as they allow for a better energy balance of the entire building, thus optimizing the building project. The project started in July 2020 and will be continued until July 2021. After completion, the city of Weilheim will also have a new building where the ThermoPin anchor system will have been used.


B.T. innovation GmbH

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Karl Bachl

Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG

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94133 Röhrnbach/Germany

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Verdion GmbH

Peter-Müller-Straße 10

40468 Düsseldorf/Germany

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