Day 2: Wednesday, 6th February 2013

From research to practice



Freeze/thaw resistance at moderate water saturation levels – current findings with respect to the XF2 freeze/thaw test method

Frostwiderstand bei mäßiger Wassersättigung – Erkenntnisstand beim XF2-Frostprüfverfahren

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Brameshuber

Measurable quality improvement achieved by optimizing a colloidal mixer

Von der Simulation zur Praxis - Messbare Qualitätsverbesserung durch Optimierung eines Kolloidalmischers

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Palzer

Timber-concrete composite structures used in seismic regions: the ESSBBuilding in Vancouver, Canada

Holz-Beton-Verbund in Erdbebengebieten am...

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Freeze-thaw attack and damage

The freeze-thaw damage pattern of concrete is primarily linked to the water contained in the pore system, which is also referred to as the saturation level. If a certain critical saturation level is...

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New research findings

The freeze-thaw resistance of concrete paving blocks must be verified by the slab test (DIN EN 1338). Sometimes clients in Germany demand the CDF method (DIN CEN/TS 12390-9). Independent of the test...

Issue 2013-02 Current findings with respect to the XF2 freeze/thaw test method

Freeze/thaw resistance at moderate water saturation levels

Generally accepted, internationally recognized methods (CIF and CDF) exist for testing the freeze/thaw resistance of concrete at high water saturation rates irrespective of the simultaneous action of...

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Determining freeze-thaw resistance of precast products for road pavements under real-life conditions

Since February 2005, the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete pavers had to be determined in the modified slab test in accordance with DIN EN 1338. Some clients favor the CDF method even though there...

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Structural precast construction 1 – Built examples, technical concepts

Title Titel   Tour Total Berlin – a perfect architectural concrete example Tour Total Berlin - Architekturbeton in Perfektion Dipl.-Ing. Hubertus Dreßler   TaunusTurm Frankfurt – precast...