Flat floors with semi-precast elements
in accordance with Eurocode 2

The new European Technical Approval (ETA) provides not only a formal basis for the Europe-wide construction of flat floor slabs composed of precast elements reinforced with lattice girders, which were previously mainly used in German-speaking countries.

Flat floors composed of precast slabs with lattice girders and a structural concrete topping require specifically designed punching shear reinforcement systems and structural rules and guidelines for safe and practicable use. Punching shear tests were carried out for the advanced FDB II Filigran punching shear reinforcement to obtain a European Technical Approval. The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) granted European Technical Approval ETA-13/0521 to these specially designed lattice girders, thus confirming the increase in punching shear resistance to more than double the level of flat...

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