Flat component, transverse force reinforcement element, and reinforced concrete-/prestressed concrete component having a transverse …

(10) US 2017/0204606 Al

(22) 29.04.2015

(43) 20.07.2017

(71) Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Gießen (DE)

(57) The invention relates to L-shaped sheet metal parts 21 with an angled longitudinal recess 23 as well as a reinforced concrete/prestressed concrete component with at least one upper and at least one lower longitudinal reinforcement layer and a shear force reinforcement guided in its dimen­sion over the upper-most and the lowermost longitudinal reinforcement, which is formed from the L-shaped sheet metal parts 21 according to the invention with stirrups 30 fastened in the longitudinal recess 23. The reinforced con­crete/prestressed concrete component according to the invention is suitable for increasing the punching shear resistance in the region of slab columns of flat slabs.

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