Extension of product range following takeover of Tecboard

The Wasa Group, in the framework of an asset deal, has taken over the competitor Tecboard. With this, Wasa has further strengthened its position in the market for production boards.

The takeover of Tecboard coincided with the restructuring of what used to be Wasa GmbH in Wasa AG, which, on 1 October 2014, will move its headquarters from Mossautal to Europlatz in Darmstadt.

Tecboard GmbH was founded in 2009 and, since then, has been selling the Tecboard production board, a lightweight plastic board with honey-comb structure on the inside. Wasa, as a manufacturer and supplier of production boards made of wood, solid plastic and a bonded plastic material has now broadened its portfolio by a further type of production boards, i.e. the Wasa Tecboard, to tap new buyer level potentials.

Customers who were previously supported by Tecboard GmbH, are, as of now, invited to address current inquiries and quotations to Wasa.

Synergy effects
for the optimal board

The Chairman of Wasa AG’s Executive Board Matthias Bechtold outlined the objectives of the takeover of its previous competitor from Siegen: “Wasa researches itself into the build-up of an innovative production board that goes into the direction of the Tecboard. Accordingly, it is only logical to combine the know-how of the Tecboard with Wasa’s own findings. The resulting synergy effects enables Wasa even more so to offer its customers the optimal board for their individual purposes.”

According to Bechtold Wasa does not want to “kill” a competitive product but wants to continue to sell it. “To us, the Wasa Tecboard is a genuine supplement to our product range. And I want point out that this is by no means the end of a development.” For that reason, further development of this honey-comb board will be pressed on with vigor, combined with the company’s own research results, but not its immediate distribution.

“To us it is important that Wasa customers will be offered products only, when our engineers in R & D believe that they have developed a product that is in keeping with state-of-the-art technology.”


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